Highlights: Mama Mishe 'Hustling Woman' Film Screening and Panel Discussion

'Mama Mishe’ is the result of an audio-visual interrogation of informal labour practices of women in Dar es Salaam. To actively advocate for safeguards of informal women labourers, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tanzania partnered with Ajabu Ajabu in producing the documentary ‘Mama Mishe’ and organized a screening together with Alliance Française Cultural Center in Dar es Salaam.

Women workers are often excluded from opportunities in Tanzania’s labour market and therefore choose to take up informal jobs, many as home-based workers or street vendors. The documentary directed by  Gertrude Malizeni, highlights the working conditions of the women in the informal sector and the challenges they face in their everyday activities.

The screening of the documentary took place on Thursday, 11th of May, at Alliance Française, followed by a panel discussion with women working on the informal sector. The presence of three working women provided a more interactive session at the end of the screening. The panel included: Asha Omari, a vegetable vendor at Mburahati Market in Dar es Salaam; Tumaini Kalo a food vendor at Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam and Jamila Ally, Chairperson of the TABOTE Group of Women. Participants were given the chance to talk to these women about their day-to-day hustling that features a lot of uncertainty, and exchange about making alliances work that support them in their struggles.

The Director of the documentary also shared the inspiration behind making the film.

Watch the highlight of the discussion by the panelists and the audience present at the screening.


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