Strengthening Social Protection Systems in Tanzania

In a bid to strengthen Tanzania's Social Protection System FES Tanzania, in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office, hosted a workshop at Harbor View Hotel in Dar es Salaam on 10th-11th December, 2018. The event brought together 40 social protection stakeholders from government ministries and agencies, national and international civil society organizations, UN agencies, trade unions and academia where Legal framework, regional & country experiences in sub-Saharan Africa and the importance of inclusion of women were some of the topics discussed.

Despite the efforts made by the Government of Tanzania, the country continues to have limited social protection coverage. The existing mandatory Social Security Schemes currently cover about less than 10% of the population, over 90% of the population including almost all informal sector workers, self-employed and the unemployed do not have social protection coverage. The workshop not only provided inputs to the National Social Protection Policy draft of 2018 but also provided the stakeholders an opportunity to effectively participate in the validation process and discuss how Social Protection Floors can be institutionalized in the country.

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