Tanzania Feminist Forum

Under the motto and hashtag “NiSisiWenyewe” (#it is ourselves), TGNP Mtandao in collaboration with FES Tanzania launched a forum for critical reflection and action for feminists from diverse societal spheres and background in Tanzania. Higher Learning Institutions, Women’s rights organization, Trade unions, Private sector, Media Knowledge centers, Youth initiatives, CSO’s, Creative arts and women Forums (GDSSS) were present for a two day forum in Dar es Salaam from 6th to 7th December 2018.

Photo: FES-Tanzania

Photo: FES-Tanzania

With the aim of addressing the challenges faced by women movements in Tanzania, participants collectively reflected and analyzed the state of the women’s movement including its feminist movement strength and weaknesses, shared strategies to tackle the challenges for movement building and concrete themes for more in-depth analysis and more fora to follow in 2019.

The forum plans to create a continuous safe space where women activists can reflect on the key issues regarding gender equality, Women and girl’s rights in Tanzania so as to build a feminist movement to effect a positive change for women and girls.

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