Urban Housing Book Release: Opening Remarks and Discussion – Watch the Replay!

To support the renewal of an affordable housing agenda with progressive housing policies in Tanzania, the Just City Platform (JCP) co-edited the publication “Building the Just City in Tanzania: Essays on Urban Housing”.

Since its inception in 2021, the JCP champions Just Cities in Tanzania. It initiates and shapes public dialogue, and identifies entry points for action, in particular on housing justice. Decision-making processes that inform – and decide over – access to public goods, such as housing or transport, need to be people-centered, and urban transformations need to be democratized.

The comprehensive publication gives voice to researchers and practitioners, all members of the JCP in Tanzania, who present a powerful analysis of the housing sector in urban areas. With this publication it is hoped that new approaches and not least concrete steps will be taken to shape urbanization in Tanzania along the Just City pillars of dignity, rights and responsibilities, equity and diversity, and democracy. In addition, all levels of authority – national, regional and international policy-making – need to create political latitude and leeway for advocates of the Just City. We therefore hope to also contribute to the ongoing international debate on the (global) housing crisis.

We recorded the event and made the video available

The video summarizes key messages delivered during the launch of the book in Dodoma, Tanzania, on 21 March 2023. The event was opened by Dr. Angeline Mabula, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development. Albert Nyiti, Dr. Tim Ndezi, Dr. Tatu Mtwangi Limbumba and Dr. Felician Komu present the conclusions of their chapters.

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For more information on how to achieve affordable housing and build alliances that support the struggle for social justice in urbanization processes, check out the publication below.

Building the just city in Tanzania

Building the just city in Tanzania

Essays on urban housing
DaresSalaam,2023, 2023

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