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This podcast series offers a comprehensive exploration of the daily experiences of Tanzanian workers, shedding light on the crucial challenges they encounter. With a focus on issues like gender equality, climate change, and technology, the series delves deep into the world of work. Each episode provides valuable insights and foster a better understanding of the diverse issues impacting people at work in Tanzania. By shedding light on these vital topics, the series aims to initiate constructive discussions and promote positive and new narratives about transformative action towards improving lives of workers across the region.

Listeners can expect an engaging and informative journey through the lives of Tanzanian workers, as the podcast endeavors to highlight their dedication, and resilience. The use of Swahili as the primary language ensures accessibility to a wider local audience, fostering a strong connection with the listeners. Whether you are familiar with the Tanzanian context or new to it, this podcast promises to offer valuable perspectives and enriching content for all.

E01 - Discovering Trade Unions: A Tanzanian Perspective

For over 90 years, Trade Unions have played a vital role in safeguarding and advocating for the rights of workers in Tanzania. These unions serve as a crucial link between employees, employers, and the government to ensure improved working conditions and the well-being of all workers. Despite their commendable efforts, it is evident that the hard work of union members has not received the recognition and appreciation it deserves.
In this inaugural episode of Kazi the Podcast, we delve into the origins of Trade Unions, tracing their roots back to Europe and their evolution in Tanzania. We explore their significant contributions and their growing relevance in today's rapidly changing work environment, shaped by technological advancements.

The views expressed in the podcasts are not necessarily those of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

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