Democratic Institutions and Citizen Participation

Democracy is more than regular free and fair elections. A democratic system is built on transparent and accessible political institutions as well as an empowered civil society. Open and critical debates among political and civil society actors, as well as their continuous and constructive dialogue and exchange, are a central requirement for socially just, inclusive and democratic development.

FES Tanzania supports and strengthens actors who strive to open up institutions for citizen engagement and participation. Together with our partners in political parties, government and civil society, we create spaces for dialogue which involves the views, opinions and demands of citizens on matters of political development. We believe that such dialogue facilitates mutual understanding between governmental and non-governmental actors, and fosters an environment of respect and tolerance.

An independent, diverse and free media is crucial for democratic development. We therefore support our partners – media practitioners and development organizations – in their work to professionalize reporting and to advocate for press and media freedom in the country and for the freedom of expression, both on- and offline.


24.05.2022 | News, Event

A group of 37 youths from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) met at FES Tanzania Makuti Venue for a first session of the Youth Forum on…


17.05.2022 | News, Event




12.07.2019 | Event

Trade Unions in Tanzania, as elsewhere on the continent and worldwide, suffer from the fact that unionism is not as appealing anymore to the majority…


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The following animated video will explain what a Global Framework Agreement is, using the example of the GFA between UNI Global Union and the South…


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