Democratic Institutions and Political Agency of the Youth

Tanzania’s National Census of 2022 found that 43% of the total population is under 15 years, and, again, the proportion of population aged 15-35 years is 34.5%. Despite this demographic numerical advantage, many young people are not sufficiently represented in the decision-making bodies and procedures. In addition, the voter turnout among youth in the 2020 general elections was lower than expected. To not disengage young people from the political system, a democracy should integrate them in decision-making, and promote civic space to bring a diversity of voices into public debates.

FES Tanzania started its flagship youth programme, the oldest among Sub-Saharan African FES offices, in 2000. It provides civic and political knowledge and empowers young citizens to actively engage with institutions for inclusive politics. We strengthen the political agency of young adults (21-35 years) by promoting a network of politically active citizens of various backgrounds. The space allows for diverse viewpoints and critical conversations on national, regional, and global issues.

In addition, together with its partners, FES Tanzania works towards engaging political institutions to make decision-making more accessible for citizen discourse and participation. To connect citizens, civil society, political parties, and the government, we provide platforms and facilitate dialogue.  


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