Gender Justice

Fighting the discrimination of women in patriarchal Tanzania requires efforts from all actors in civil society, political parties and the state. Tanzanian women are disproportionately affected by precarious and informal employment and inadequate access to education, while at the same time assuming almost all of the unpaid family care and child-rearing work. Having a platform that advocates for the equal treatment of men and women (rights), equal access to education and job opportunities (resources), and the elimination of gender-based discrimination and violence in decision-making bodies (representation) is crucial to ensure development and social justice.

In supporting the feminist struggle in Tanzania, FES has been contributing in multstakeholders  alliance building  and collaboration in influencing feminist policy reform initiatives. The initiatives have been achieved through production of feminist  publications and screening of creative feminist works, public dialogues and workshops.  We collaborate with our partners – trade unions, civil society organizations, academia, media  and political parties – and responsible government departments that are committed to transformative gender-just policies and action.


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