Team 3: Turning Solid Waste into Affordable Housing

The "Financers" team, composed of Gloria Changullah, Mpomolelu Kawunju, Haji Mohammed, Joshua Estelatus, and Mustapha Maulid, presented a unique solution to address two pressing issues: the lack of affordable housing and the mounting problem of waste management. Their proposal centers on the collection and processing of solid waste to transform it into robust and environmentally friendly building materials. Additionally, the team aims to raise awareness within local communities about effective waste management practices and collaborate with local government, NGOs, and experts to identify low-income communities in need of improved housing solutions.

For a comprehensive understanding of their innovative concept, we encourage you to watch their presentation pitch video and access the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, available for download below. These resources offer valuable insights into their dual-purpose approach aimed at enhancing both housing affordability and sustainable waste management.

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