Team 4: Poor Sorting of Household Solid Waste in Informal Urban Settlements

The fourth and victorious team, "Smart City," comprised Said Iddi Rais, Swedi Rajabu, Rebecca C Kibona, Rehema Godson Mnkeni, and Yohana Matiko Isack, also addressed the escalating waste management issue. They focused their efforts on understanding the adverse impact of waste on both public health and the economic well-being of the community. Their proposed solution centered on raising awareness about waste sorting at the household level, enabling urban residents to derive income from their own waste. By equipping people with sorting tools such as buckets or garbage bags, the team envisioned connecting them with producers and stakeholders to establish a sustainable cash flow chain, allowing the sale of solid waste to environmentally conscious recycling companies.

For a comprehensive grasp of their winning concept, we encourage you to watch their presentation pitch video and access the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, which is available for download below. These resources provide valuable insights into their innovative approach aimed at addressing the dual challenges of waste management and economic empowerment for urban residents.

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