Team 5: Inadequate Access to Public Spaces

The final team, "Planners," constituted by Subira Rajab, Sebastian Majiri, and Baltazar Deogratius, recognized the issue of inadequate access to public spaces within urban environments. They presented a poignant illustration of a student who, due to challenges at home, lacks a suitable space for relaxation and social interaction, thereby adversely affecting his mental well-being. In response to this concern, the team proffered a compelling solution centered on optimizing the utilization of public spaces, particularly those in proximity to roads, with the aim of creating more dynamic and inviting locales. This strategic enhancement was envisaged to contribute to the creation of a youth-friendly city, with a positive impact on the mental health and overall well-being of young individuals.

For an exhaustive comprehension of their innovative proposal, we cordially invite you to peruse their presentation pitch video and access the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, which are available for download below. These resources provide valuable insights into the "Planners" team's visionary approach, which not only addresses the critical issue of public space accessibility but also prioritizes the mental health and social welfare of the youth in urban settings.

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